CANSEA Guiding Principles

One of the CANSEA abiding principles is that no single country should dominate CANSEA and that as many NGOs as possible should gain experience in running the Reg. Secretariat. Hence the Secretariat has been rotated every 2 years with the expectation that the Reg. Coordinator oppointed by the national node has had some experience in CANSEA as a Steering Committee member as well as attending some UNFCCC meetings.CAN-SouthEastAsia-logo-rgb-medium

While CANSEA members of the host country are supposed to monitor the work of the Reg. Secretariat, CANSEA is run by a Steering committee made up of 3 members from each member country [with the National Coordinator being one of them, while the other 2 must come from 2 other NGOs]. The Regional Coordinator consults the SC members by email on major issues and tries to arrange for a physical meeting at least once a year during a COP.

As for funding, the Reg. Secretariat expenses are covered by the host NGO while the Reg. Coordinator raises money for specific regional projects and if possible for participation in UNFCCC meetings. In the past, funds allowed for the production of a regular newsletter SEANEWS. National nodes are expected to raise their own funds including for UNFCC events, unless these are available from CANI, which has become rarer by the day.

Membership application procedures must follow those spelled out in the Membership section of this website

At least the national node should be listed as a participant of cantalk and should encourage as many members to also participate.

Communication has to be two way especially between the Reg. Coordinator and the national nodes. There needs to be active contributions to keep the website current and also to develop common positions.

CANSEA members are encouraged to play proactive roles at the national and regional level and not to be obsessed with the UNFCCC or CANI. Where possible, members should join CANI working groups..

Whenever the Reg. Sec. or the Coordinator have failed to discharge satisfactorily their duties, it is the responsibility of the national node and the members to rectify the situation and advise the Reg. SC members.

If any CANSEA member organisation resigns from the national grouping or ceases to exist, it is the responsibility of the national node to inform the Reg. Coordinator who will remove it from the membership list and advise CANI accordingly. The contact person’s email will be removed from cantalk. Similarly, any SC member will be replaced if he/she leaves the member organisaton represented.

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Greetings and seeking your kind advise for membership and cooperation.
Gabriel Tripura AttachmentsOct 31 (7 days ago)
Dear Sir, Greetings Pleased to know the organization and we would like to let…
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Gabriel Tripura Attachments11:35 AM (21 hours ago)
Dear Sir, Greetings Pleased to know the organization and we would like to let…
Gabriel Tripura

Attachments11:37 AM (21 hours ago)

to membership, nrdcinfo

Dear Sir,


Pleased to know the organization and we would like to let you know about the our organization that working for marginalized communities in the areas who are in mountainous, hilly and remoteness. We would be grateful to you if we could get involve and extend your kind cooperation for the sake of greater marginalized communities in Chittagong Hill Tracts.

With best regards

With best regards


Executive Director
(Vulnerable Peoples Development Organization)
Bandarban Hill Tract
Tel: 0088-0361-62783
cel: 0088-01556561400, 0088-01846506927
skype: gabriel.tripura

Bangladesh National Youth Council, Dhaka
Chittagong Hill Tracts Women Foundation Network
Girls Not Brides (ending early child marriage), UK
Red Crescent, Bandarban Chapter
Bangladesh Youth Network (BYN)’-Jaago Foundation and UNDP

Servas International

The World Indigenous Tourism Alliance (WINTA), New Zealand

Global Partnership to End Violence against Children

The Association for Women’s Rights in Development (AWID) -CANADA

Women Thrive Alliance – Washington, D.C


United Nations Framework Conventions on Climate Change (UNFCCC)
Vice Chairman
Bangladesh Tripura Kallyan Sangsad
Bandarban Hill Tract

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